Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why a blog?

Hey everyone! I wanted to create this blog because I feel like we (especially the youth) don't express our beliefs enough. Just like the blog's title, "Speak truth, Fight for Truth, and Live the Truth" is exactly what this blog is for. Feel free to bring up certain topics, thoughts you may have, or questions concerning current events, past events, the gospel of Jesus Christ, or anything you feel the world needs to know. Please also be conciderate and smart in what you say. Also, SITE YOUR SOURCES! I cannot tell you how important that is! This is a blog for truth, and not just your own opinions. Also, Please be kind. I don't want this blog to be argumentative or a debate blog. Of course there will be opostion posted on a certain matter. I ask that you keep in mind to reflect the attributes of Jesus Christ. I hope you will all enjoy this blog and that it will be a great "eye opener" and a great and fun learning experience for all. Thankyou!

1 comment:

  1. Great Blog title and purpose! I hope you get good participation! I'm so impressed with your desire to "Speak", "Fight", and "Live" the truth! -- Mrs. Morse